Anti-virus software test

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Here are some codes that can test whether your anti-virus software works or not.
How to test:

1 Creat a new text file, paste the following code into it:

2 Save the file as a .com file or other types of file.

3 Mail the file to yourself (Or you can compress the file as a .zip), you can also test your desktop scanner by right-click the file to tell the scanner to scan away.

Well, I just tested this, It proved that Kapasky works fine. As soon as I save the code as a text file(Not a .com file yet), the kapasky warn me of the "virus" and remind me to delete the file.

This codes are fromlifehacker


1 新建文本文件,将如下代码拷进去

2 另存为.com文件或者其他文件。

3 通过邮件发送给自己(测试下邮件提供商的安全性),也可以右击文件用你的桌面杀毒软件进行扫描。