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说是保护,其实如果你用了这browser,一眼就可以看出你干了些什么,这加多少密码也没有用 :) 。

不过我想这个浏览器在保护儿童方面倒是有点用,虽然不是他们的出衷。以下是关于浏览器的官方说明 :)

Never get caught with your pants down. :)

Protects your adult content and activity from others who use your computer.

No spyware. Heatseek never sends any information about you over the internet.

Password-required access to everything.

Automatically encrypts your adult files so they are unreadable outside of Heatseek.

Automatically encrypts and hides your browsing history and website cookies.

Stops sites from spawning dangerous and annoying popup windows.

Panic mode instantly closes the program.

Password-protection on minimize and laptop hibernate.

Secure protection even in the event of a power failure!